Crystal Sound Bowl and Gong 20 Min Relaxation

Sound and Meditation Experience by Mojo

Live Sound Bowl Meditation and Activation

The Charge of Aliveness

An Immune-Boosting Healing Activation And Attunement

Use this attunement meditation and energy practice to boost your immune system and activate your cells’ innate blueprint for optimal health and wellbeing.


The charge of Aliveness is how the physical consciousness experiences pure vitality, pure Beingness, how Source energy expresses through the life impulse. Direct attunement to the charge of Aliveness is experienced as sensations of exuberance and vitality, a kind of zingy effervescent charge all through your field. In this guided practice, you’ll experience the charge of Aliveness filling each and every cell in your body with pure vitality. 

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Mikhaila Stettler is a trusted advisor and transpersonal mentor/coach to conscious leaders, creatives and healers with over 30 years’ experience. She’s an award-winning meditation coach and energy master with a unique set of psychic abilities verified and proven hundreds of times during her 25+ years as a holistic doctor.

Immersive Artist |Transpersonal Mentor/Coach

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Creative Director, Vortex Immersion

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Reclaim Your Power

An Empowering Visualization Meditation

This meditation is designed to help you become clear, inspired, motivated, on-purpose and on fire so you can achieve what you desire. Get comfortable, relax and let’s create some fresh focus. 
My mission is to help you discover your full potential, see your limitless power and feel the real joy of entrepreneurship by living authentically to YOUR definition of SUCCESS.
Fiona M Brennan
Business Success Coach
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