The key to overall wellness is to practice self-care, consistently and boastfully. Contrary to popular belief, taking an active role to preserve or enhance your own mental, emotional, and physical health is admirable, not narrow-minded. In fact, it is clinically proven, that when you mind your behavior selflessly, it reduces or eliminates stress, anxiety, and depression. Moreover, it elevates focus and concentration while minimizing frustration or anger. You will radiate positive energy which keeps you mindful, meaningful, and motivated. It is impossible to care for others in your community, family, or friends when you truly don’t have the strength to deflect in a healthy manner.

Psychological resilience is what gives you the mental fortitude to handle the challenges you face day in, and day out. This is incredibly important, especially when self-care is not a priority for you. Never-ending life experiences require behavior flexibility for anyone who is forced to pivot when immutable external and internal demands get in the way.

As a Psychological Wellness Practitioner, it is strongly recommended that you explore your self-care needs to spot patterns and recognize areas of life that need more attention. This is an absolute way to mind your behavior and strengthen meaningful resilience. Qualities that contribute to efforts in protecting against psychological distress, during adverse situations, include mindfulness, meaningfulness, and motivation.



As it relates to autonomy in self-care, mindfulness is a pillar of sustainable resilience. The wellness arsenal is a critical emotional regulation skill set because it equips us with an innate acumen – tailored to embrace individual needs, along with those of others. Amplifying self-care daily practices allow you to stay true (stay mindful) to your own emotional, mental, and physical needs while also changing how you respond to external demands. As you keep your mind active and sharp, you are able to reframe any life circumstance in a more positive, yet realistic, way.



Living a meaningful life is a constructive way to develop and foster significance and purpose. When you pay close attention to your behavior, you will surely elevate your sense of belonging. Taking care of yourself is to demand control of your environment and secure satisfaction in life. Be motivated to create a narrative that empowers you to cultivate an appreciative attitude towards purpose and meaning. Face adversity with human dignity and defiance which transcends your best possible self! And, then……



It’s exciting to talk about the distinct and valuable cognitive forces that contribute to and activate motivational behavior. When practicing self-care, the ultimate goal is to squeeze out the best of you and the best of others. At this moment, you have invaluable insight and the power to achieve relevant goals. Despite the fact that everyone experiences cognitive biases, such as fear, melancholy, or anger – passion and compassion shall prevail! With a little bit of intrinsic motivation and a whole lot of self-determination, you can be persistent with intensity! Mind your behavior and get motivated!

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