International Wellness Alliance Spotlights – Ronan Mac Domhnaill

Ronan Mac Domhnaill

Occupation/Expertise: Founder of cred – a technology and education company

Company Name: cred

Company Description: cred helps people live more conscious and fulfilling lives.

What is your relaxation/self-care routine: Running was my thing. Now its living more mindfully every day.

What is your favorite food: Seafood chowder and Irish soda bread

Favorite Vacation Spot: Galapagos Islands.

What book has had the most profound impact on you and why?
Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith. He talked about why human behaviour change was so difficult. Somewhere in the book he wrote “if only there was an app for this…

Can you share some key principles or philosophies that guide your approach to
I do my best to live Cred’s philosophy every day – Live. Learn. Give…three simple daily actions to help myself, grow as a person and help other

What inspired you to become involved with the International Wellness Alliance? 
Elaine and John Donnelly. They are both forces of incredible and positive energy.

Tell us about something that is upcoming in your wellness work or any projects
you are currently working on?
This year we set a goal to help 100,000 people experience living a more conscious and fulfilling life. We are gifting our cred app to the world.

Provide a link that people can use to learn more about or connect with you:

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