International Wellness Alliance Spotlights Member – Brad Yates

Brad Yates

Personal Development Facilitator – Primarily using EFT/Tapping

Company Name
Yates Empowerment Strategies

Company Description
Tools to assist people in creating more empowering beliefs and behaviors.

What is your relaxation/self-care routine
The most important parts are daily tapping and long walks.

What is your favorite food
Depends on the day. Maybe sushi. Or tacos.

Favorite Vacation Spot
Yosemite – and anyplace that’s beautiful and/or historic.

Can you share some key principles or philosophies that guide
your approach to wellness

I believe that self-sabotage is misguided self-love, and when we can see that and be compassionate with ourselves, we can more easily shift to healthier ways to care for ourselves.

What inspired you to become involved with the International Wellness Alliance
I was invited to join, and I’m always grateful and excited to be part of something that is up leveling humanity – promoting well-being in the world.

Tell us about something that is upcoming in your wellness work or any projects you are currently working on
I always have group sessions that I’m presenting, and I’m looking forward to doing more live presentations – both online and in different locations around the world.

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