International Wellness Alliance Spotlights – Lee Tunney-Ware

Lee Tunney-Ware

Occupation/Expertise: High Performance Business Coach

Company Name: Transform

Company Description: Professional training and business coaching services, supporting entrepreneurs and business professionals develop, grow and succeed

What is your relaxation/self-care routine: Listening to music, spending quality time with my family.

What is your favorite food: Homemade Mac n Cheese or Toad in the hole!

Favorite Vacation Spot: Old town, Bergamo, Italy.

What book has had the most profound impact on you and why? Talk and Grow Rich by Ron Holland, there is a chapter in the book called “Dynamic Psychology”, it is probably the most profound thing I have ever read!

Can you share some key principles or philosophies that guide your approach to wellness? Being genuine and authentic in all my interactions, this keeps me in the centre of me and enables me to live life in the present without expectation.

What inspired you to become involved with the International Wellness Alliance? I love to help people to let go of anything that holds them and support them in being true representations of themselves, authentically.

Tell us about something that is upcoming in your wellness work or any projects you are currently working on? is a 4 hour workshop I am facilitating on the 17th February

I also recently co-authored a book “The School of Hard Knocks Authentic Handbook for Success”

It’s a book of authentic stories from entrepreneurs sharing how you overcome challenges on your journey to success.

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