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Self-Love Serenade

Affirmation Poem

“I am loving, embracing, and celebrating that part of me that travels life’s roads without being in the space of all knowing.
It’s in those cloudy places where I persevere, remain inquisitive, and celebrate the fact that I am still growing.
I love me when accomplishment levels appear high and I still love me when my accomplishment levels appear low, even in the deepest darkest dens.
I am gratefully now wiser to the fact that many programmed boxes and definitions of success are someone else’s designs, and my greatest achievements evolve by embracing the power within.”

Elaine Sugar

Celebrating Growth: Over 100 Members Strong!

We have reached an impressive milestone of well over 100 members since launching in November. Please celebrate with us!
As you know, wellness is for everyone, and our platform extends certain benefits to all who seek to enhance their well-being journey. Therefore, we also provide valuable content accessible to all! We encourage you to invite your clients, family, and friends to explore our wellness resources.
Every visitor to our website can enjoy the following:
Watch the Positive Prime session that we co-created titled “Be Empowered for Vibrant Living”. Enjoy the session by coming to our website daily (it is remixed each time so you will always view a unique version).

Enriching Additions to Our Content Hub

Embark on a journey of self-discovery by engrossing yourself in the meditation – “The Charge of Aliveness” by Mikhaila Stettler, a moving attunement to elevate your meditation experience.
Sound Baths Bliss: Immerse yourself in the sound baths designed to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and elevate your overall well-being. They are contributions from IWA Advisory Leader, Tony Lucero.

New IWA YouTube Videos

Explore the wealth of knowledge on our YouTube channel starting with our newly uploaded expert videos:
Jess Bryan– “Conversations That Build Wealth”
Mikhaila Stettler – Techno-shamans & The Transformational Impact
of Immersive Media

Shout-Out to Our Sponsor: Positive Prime

A huge thank you to Positive Prime, our dedicated sponsor, for their continued support. On our home page, you’ll also find an exclusive article by our key supporter Kim Serafini. Kim is the inventor of Positive Prime. Visit the home page now to explore the story behind Positive Prime and their instrumental role in the world’s journey towards wellness excellence.

Member Spotlights

Learn more about the International Wellness Alliance’s two inspiring spotlight members by reading their feature blog articles in our Content-hub. These dedicated individuals have been chosen for their exceptional contributions to spreading wellness globally:
Lisa Bien – Speaker, Life coach, Author Resiliency and self-worth
Brad Yates – Personal Development Facilitator – Primarily using

Upcoming Events to Mark on Your Calendar (Open to Everyone):
Connections for Impact (Bi-Monthly Networking Events) with John Donnelly: Connect, collaborate, and cultivate relationships with fellow members. Your active participation adds depth to our community, fostering meaningful connections.
Register Here:
Mastermind Session: Elevate your wellness business by joining the monthly business growth Mastermind hosted by E.G. Sebastian. Gain valuable insights and connect with peers who share your passion for
Register Here:
We look forward to growing and offering you even more support on your wellness journey as the International Wellness Alliance expands. One World – One Wellness!

Elaine Sugar
International Wellness Alliance
CEO & Founder

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