How My Life Coaching Niche Found Me

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One Week of Marketing & Business-Growth Goodies 🎁

I’m excited to announce that M.A.P.S. Global Events invited me to share some of my hard-earned wisdom I acquired during my close to 20 years of coaching and corporate training journey.  I’ll start the first post with something that several of my tribe members were enquiring about recently and something that many newer coaches and speakers might find useful.

If you can articulate your niche at least at some general level, such as  I’m a wellness coach, relationship coach, executive coach, CONGRATULATIONS! However, even within those wide niches there are many very narrow niches that make it easier to attract clients, such as Vegan Coach, Parent-Teen Relationship Coach, Weight Loss Coach for Busy Executives, etc…

But how does one narrow down to such a focused niche? Won’t you miss out on the 1000s of other opportunities…?

Help, How Do I Find My Niche?

Recently the topic of finding one’s niche came up in a group discussion, and some expressed how frustrating it was trying to nail down that “perfect niche.”  And while, yes, I believe it’s important to pick a niche, OR pick a specific target market to whom you should offer your coaching services; many of us did NOT pick, our niche. Our niche picked us.

Here’s a snippet of one of my training programs, where I talk about how my niche found me.  Enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions or comments…

How did you find your niche… or did your niche find you?

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E.G. Sebastian, is a Business-Development Coach, Corporate Trainer, and founder of Corporate Speaker Academy where he helps others break into the world of delivering Workshops, Group Coaching programs, or Keynotes to corporate teams. Learn more about Sebastian at and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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