Feeling Inadequate? That’s More Common Than You Think, and Here’s How to Deal with It

Have you ever felt like you’re not good enough, no matter how hard you try? You’re not alone. A recent message, seemingly delivered across different points in time (2013, 2023, and 2024), highlights the universality of feeling inadequate and offers valuable insights into how we can navigate this common human experience.

Here’s that message:

March 4, 2024

You are more than adequate now. You will move through periods in your life when the feeling of not being enough or inadequate in some way will appear. It is an erroneous feeling and thought that you move beyond while on your ascension journey.

The restructuring of you and your world has made this time much more lively than usual, but we gave you a message last year that you can more readily embody now. You have evolved even when you have failed to notice how much.

March 4, 2023

You were always adequate. If there were one theme we wanted more of you to accept, it would be that one. We provided a message ten years ago that you could not have understood then, but you have advanced to accept it now. You also have free will so that it will be up to you.

Your interpretation of yourself is vital in your life and world now, for you came to bring in the new world, and you cannot accomplish that while carrying limiting old beliefs about who you are.

March 4, 2013

You feel inadequate because you desire to become more. You can use that statement to propel yourself forward or hold yourself back; the choice is entirely up to you.

When you embrace the feeling of inadequacy, you can propel yourself forward because you know what you are up to achieving. When you choose to fear feelings of inadequacy, you cause yourself to feel less than others and ultimately allow trepidation to enter every aspect of your physical life experience.

When you remember your childhood, you will notice the times when you embraced inadequacy, which aroused your curiosity and desire for more knowledge, wisdom, and awareness. Try that now.

– Wilhelm

The message, attributed to a source named Wilhelm, emphasizes that this feeling of inadequacy does not reflect our actual worth but rather a potential catalyst for growth. It encourages individuals to challenge negative self-beliefs and embrace their inherent value.

Here’s how this message resonates in our world today:

1. The Power of Self-Acceptance: Our world often amplifies feelings of inadequacy through social media comparisons and societal expectations. This message serves as a reminder that self-acceptance is crucial. By challenging negative self-perceptions and acknowledging our inherent worth, we can free ourselves from the limitations of self-doubt.

2. Transforming Inadequacy into Growth: The message suggests that feelings of inadequacy can be a powerful motivator for personal growth when not allowed to become self-limiting. Individuals can expand their knowledge, skills, and awareness by acknowledging this feeling and using it as a springboard for self-improvement.

3. The Choice is Yours: Wilhelm emphasizes the concept of free will. We can choose how we interpret and respond to feelings of inadequacy. We can embrace these feelings for positive growth or allow them to hinder our progress.

4. Shaping Your World: The message subtly hints at individuals’ power in shaping the world around them. Individuals can create a more positive and fulfilling world by overcoming limiting beliefs and embracing their full potential.

Whether you resonate with the message’s spiritual undertones or find its emphasis on self-acceptance and growth valuable, one thing is clear: feeling inadequate is a common human experience, and it doesn’t have to define you. Remember, you can choose how you respond to these feelings and shape your journey toward growth and fulfillment.

Roger Burnley

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