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For over 25 years Tony has been on stage as an enter-tainer (comedy hypnotist), speaker, professional musician, trainer, and teacher.  His passion is to deliver relatable  “positive” messages of today with a different energy than anyone before him or currently.  He is a student of life and his experience working with the likes of John C. Maxwell and other mentors have put him in a very unique space.  He is not one-dimensional, but one of the most “energetic” and versatile speakers today.  His specialty is the ability to connect deeply to his audience.   Simply, Tony is a master “enter-trainer,” combining entertainment and powerful current messages.

Whether an intimate round table event or thousands in an arena, Tony delivers the unexpected to keep everyone engaged.  Combining humor, deep profound thoughts and audience participation, you can expect a message that resonates.  The ending will be something your and the participants will never forget!

There is no speaker on the road today that has more life-altering experiences which have now become his powerful platform for his talks about  activating the mind, heart and spirit.  He is a breath of fresh air and voice at a time when unity, connection, growth and intention are so very needed.

Connect with Tony on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/TonyLucero

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