Do You Really Need All Those Apps? Cleaning Up the Screen and Choosing the Apps That Actually Help You

No matter your career or business niche, you’re busy and don’t need any more distractions from your tasks at hand. So why are you allowing all the apps on your phone to cause distractions when your time can be better used? It’s time to regain some of that lost time by performing a digital de-cluttering, which involves removing apps that are too distracting and that take up a lot of space on your phone.


Do you recall when the last time was that you actually made the effort to open and use all those apps that are stored on your phone? If you have not used them in the past thirty days or more, then the reality is that they are not important to your success and well-being and should be deleted.


Protect Your Data and Online Security

You probably have forgotten about many of the services that you had signed up for with those apps. In fact, having so many apps that you are not using can even be a security risk to you.

In this day of the online world and identity theft, it is truly important for you to think of your security when you have so many apps. Most apps are probably okay, but you are still putting yourself at risk of a rogue hacker behind the development of an app. For example, a person may develop an app that seems helpful, fun and good. But the person may really have ulterior motives to steal your information. Or hackers can find their way into your data by hacking their way through a less secure app that you have installed on your phone. So, clean out those extra apps that you’re not using.


Delete the Accounts, Too

Uninstalling the app is one way to clear the clutter on your phone but most of these apps required you to create an account. So, before hitting that uninstall button, login to the account and delete that as well. If you can’t remember the logins, search for emails from those apps. Once the accounts are deleted, uninstall the app from your phone. Not only does this clear clutter from your phone but you’ll clear clutter from your inbox since deleting your account should put a stop to unwanted emails.


Delete Accounts Linked to Social Media

How many times have you created an account with your Facebook or Google logins? It’s so simple, right? This is yet another security issue that needs your attention.

Head to Facebook and other social media accounts to identify which apps you have connected to those accounts. Get rid of them if you are not using them, if they are too distracting, or are not beneficial to you.


Don’t Be Intimidated by Technology

Don’t let this article frighten you away from using apps on your smartphone. They are amazing technology, no doubt; just be more selective about which apps you download.

If you really want to go “cold turkey” on eliminating apps, delete everything except your contacts and your texting app. Now, when you feel the need to download an app, you can evaluate if it’s a necessity to run your business (or your personal life) or if it’s just a bright, shiny object that will cause distractions.

For example, managing your time at your business and in your personal life may seem like a challenge but it falls into the necessity category. Rescue Time is a highly valuable app, as it shows you a report of the things that are wasting your time. As a result, you will be more aware of how to manage your time more wisely. Another highly recommended app is Mint, because money can seem to escape all too easily. But Mint will help you with that, as it takes pictures of spending transactions and categorizes them for you. Thus, you will be empowered to be in better control of your money.

Start with these tips for clearing your apps and you’ll discover you have more time and increased productivity. When you’re not distracted, you have more energy to focus on the important things in your business and in life.

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