Do you feel that you and the world have changed?

Do you feel that you and the world have changed

Do you feel that you and the world have changed? The winds of change howl worldwide, stirring restlessness in the collective soul. I, a mystic and sage attuned to the whispers of the universe, have received a vision, a shimmering tapestry woven from starlight and possibility. It speaks of a planetary ascension, a collective rise in human consciousness that will bathe our world in a radiant new dawn.

This ascension won’t be wrought by magic or divine intervention but by our quiet, everyday choices. It’s the farmer whispering gratitude to the soil as she sows her seeds, the artist pouring her compassion onto the canvas, and the child holding a stranger’s hand with an open heart. Every act of kindness, every decision driven by love, adds another luminous thread to the tapestry of our awakening.

I saw this vision for myself and you, dear reader. Within you lies the power to be a weaver of light, contributing to this grand transformation. Embrace your role as a guide, a lighthouse navigating others through the shadows of doubt and fear. Share the stories of Aethel, the planet that ascended through the strength of its united spirit, a testament to the power of collective consciousness.

Speak of the elders, their wisdom a beacon to the young, whispering forgotten virtues of compassion and responsibility. Speak of the children, seeds of change blossoming into acts of service and unity. Speak of the artists, their passion echoing the planet’s song, their creations igniting the spark of possibility in others.

But remember, the path to ascension isn’t always smooth. Doubts will rear their heads; challenges will test our resolve. Yet, in every falter, helping hand extended, and whispered word of encouragement, the tapestry grows stronger. We are not alone in this dance of transformation; our individual journeys are threads woven into the grand fabric of our shared evolution.

So, let your voice be a melody of hope, your actions a tapestry of love. Let us rise together, not as isolated threads, but as a luminous whole, embracing the dawn of a new Aethel, a world where kindness reigns and the collective soul shines brighter than any star.

Remember, your contribution matters. You, the mystic, the sage, the weaver of light, can guide others towards the tapestry of their awakening. Go forth and share the vision. Let the ascension begin.

By Roger Burnley
Intuitive empowerment, life-purpose coach, sage, mystic, and
spiritual channel.

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