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Discover the ultimate guide to holistic wellness, where we unveil transformative practices to nourish your mind, body, and soul for a harmonious life.

Unlock the secrets of maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle in our latest blog, packed with expert tips on nutrition, fitness, and self-care rituals that will empower you on your wellness journey.


Tune in to our empowering wellness podcast series, where we bring you inspiring conversations with leading experts, sharing invaluable insights on mindfulness, mental health, and personal growth.

Embark on a transformative auditory journey with our wellness podcast, covering a diverse range of topics from yoga and nutrition to holistic healing, designed to elevate your overall well-being.

The podcast platform is still being built. In the meantime, please view podcasts on our YouTube channel. More Coming Soon!

Digital Vision Board

It’s our pleasure to share this with you. It is called Positive Prime—and it’s basically an immaculate digital vision board that harnesses the power of Positive Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, and Neuroscience.

It’s a scientifically proven powerful tool comprised of uplifting images, enjoyable music and powerful affirmations, which in as little as three minutes a day:

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and sleeplessness
  • Decreases negative thought patterns
  • Achieves unimaginable levels of peace and positivity in your life

“According to studies, on average, a person who regularly uses Positive Prime benefits from 31% more productivity, 25% greater performance, and 23% more energy.”

Every visitor to our website can watch the Positive Prime session that we co-created titled “Be Empowered for Vibrant Living”. Enjoy the session by coming to our website daily (it is remixed each time so you will always view a unique version).

Also, know that non-members can easily gain access to many, many more sessions that you can customize by adding your own images like pictures of your family and friends by visiting here: You can use this link for a free 10-day trial to consider upgrading to the full Positive Prime platform, Click Here!

FREE GIFT For Members Only

No Credit Card Required to Create Your FREE Account

We’re thrilled to announce an exclusive offer just for members! Enjoy a full year of Positive Prime, valued at $199, absolutely FREE It’s our way of showing appreciation for your continued support.

After the first year you will have the option to take advantage of the special opportunity to continue your membership into Year 2 for only $99. Embrace positivity and empowerment with this incredible deal designed for members. Log-in and go to the member area to create your free Positive Prime account

Sound Baths

Crystal Sound Bowl and Gong 20 Min Relaxation

Tony Lucero is a Personal Development and Life Coach, as well as a Business Activation Specialist

Sound and Meditation Experience by Mojo

Tony Lucero is a Personal Development and Life Coach, as well as a Business Activation Specialist

Live Sound Bowl Meditation and Activation

Tony Lucero is a Personal Development and Life Coach, as well as a Business Activation Specialist

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E.G. Sebastian

Author, Performance Coach, Certified DiSC Trainer 🎯 
Emotional Resilience & Mental Fitness Sherpa Trainer 
Business Blog: Running a business doesn’t have to be hard… I post weekly on improving your business’ performance, your personal performance, mental fitness, and occasionally some marketing wisdom ☯️🚀

Aleasia Hurt

Resiliency Coach and SOCIAL WORKER
Emotions are a wise language within you, always trying to give you useful information to stay regulated, RESILIENT, and show up as your best self!

Rochelle & Alisha Schwartz

Certified Life & Master Integrative Coaches
Podcast – Together We Rise. OUR COMMITMENT IS TO FILL YOU UP AND Invite you to hold hands together in our sandbox infused with people who will show us their adversities and triumphs. Together We Rise.  Together We Rise. 

Fiona Brennnan

Success Coach & Mentor Supporting Female Founders /CEOs
My mission is to help you discover your full potential, see your limitless power and feel the real joy of entrepreneurship by living authentically to YOUR definition of SUCCESS.