CLARITY for what you need right now

You can’t do everything….you just can’t.

So Stop Trying!

A few years ago, I did one of those corporate strengths finder assessments, and my top trait came out as “Achiever”.
Was not a surprise.
The testament was a badge of honour for me.
Because it declared all that I had been doing since my school days.

Last week while away, I had a long moment of clarity.

Starting with the declaration that Achieving is NOT a badge of honour.
That in fact, we can create the success we desire without so much hard WORK.
Without so much DOING.

I knew this – but I was not fully incorporating it.

For me, right now, it is about:

Each word has a meaning that is personal to me.
And the choices I make day to day, business or personal, need to embody the essence of what these words represent.
It is MY responsibility to embody this phase of my life in the best way that serves me.

So I made some changes this week.

I started with a clear out – not just physically in my office, but with my to-do expectations.

Because clearance brings space.
And things look and feel simpler when the clutter is removed.
And…….how serene you can feel in that new spacious clear space.

Start the new week and this new month in the best way that serves you.
Get clear on what YOU need.
And then start aligning your actions to it.

What 3 words can help you with this?

My 3 words will be a decision making tool going forward….. Is it simple? Does it clear our crowd my space? Will it allow me feel more or less serene?

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