International Wellness Alliance Spotlights – Deb King

Deb King

Deb King Occupation/Expertise: The Coach for Coaches and Wellbeing Leaders, Happiness Ambassador, Mental Wellness Advocate Company Name: Coach Training Campus Company Description: We help coaches, practitioners, and experts amplify business […]

International Wellness Alliance Spotlights – Dr. Angela Rahm

Dr. Angela Rahm

Dr. Angela Rahm Occupation/Expertise: Nationally Board-Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Wellness Educator, Bloodwork Analysis and Weight Loss Expert Company Name: Ideal Self Today Company Description: Natural and holistic healing, personalized plans, bloodwork […]


DEVELOPING A RESILIENT MIND LEVEL OF CARE  For most people, the thought of staying positive is generally easier said than done. Do keep in mind, however, optimism maximizes functionality; emotional, […]

International Wellness Alliance Spotlights – Lee Tunney-Ware

Lee Tunney-Ware Occupation/Expertise: High Performance Business Coach Company Name: Transform Company Description: Professional training and business coaching services, supporting entrepreneurs and business professionals develop, grow and succeed What is your […]

International Wellness Alliance Spotlights – Coach Vuyanzi

Coach Vuyanzi Occupation/Expertise:Transformational Life Coach/ Inspirational Speaker and Professional Development Maestro Business Description:Coach Vuyanzi empowers women leaders (with a focus on black women leaders) worldwide, fostering clarity, confidence. What is […]

International Wellness Alliance Community News

International Wellness Alliance

Self-Love Serenade Affirmation Poem “I am loving, embracing, and celebrating that part of me that travels life’s roads without being in the space of all knowing.It’s in those cloudy places […]