International Wellness Alliance Spotlights – Jenny Ryce

Jenny Ryce Occupation/Expertise:Executive Coach and Mindset Strategist Company Name:Jenny Ryce Coaching Company Description:Coaching for greatness through mindset, wellness, and holistic success, boosting productivity and fulfillment. What is your relaxation/self-care routine:My […]

Your Life Adventure

Your Life Adventure

The world’s pulse quickens, a heartbeat thrumming with change. Tides shift, winds whisper secrets of an unfolding future, and within us, whispers too, echo in response. This year, my dear […]

International Wellness Alliance Community News

International Wellness Alliance

Self-Love Serenade Affirmation Poem “I am loving, embracing, and celebrating that part of me that travels life’s roads without being in the space of all knowing.It’s in those cloudy places […]


FORWARD-THINKING WELLNESS One of the biggest challenges for most is to prosperously rise above adversity. More than ever, it is critical that we stay in total control of how we […]


BUILDING A STRONG SELF-VIEW TO BOUNCE BACK! This impressionable and heartwarming passage is dedicated to the youth, the humankind of the future. In this season, children are the grueling target […]


ELEVATION IN EMOTIONAL RESPONSE   Have you ever been told that you are an intense person? Well, leaders who have an intense personality simply means they are intense in their […]