Acknowledge Your Fears and Conquer Your Low Self-Confidence

Fear can be one of the most crippling influences on your business success. If you take the time to sit down and list out all the fears you face as an entrepreneur in today’s world, the list can get quite long, quite fast.

These are some of the most common fears business leaders experience:

  • Fear of trying new things
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of losses
  • Fear of letting others down


They are all valid fears, especially if you own a business that employs others. That means other people rely on your success for their livelihoods and security. However, when these fears prevent you from moving forward, they become largely self-fulfilling. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to break free from these fears so you can accomplish the success you deserve once and for all. This is how you begin.


Know Your Own Value

If you don’t know it already, take a little time to discover that you are more than the sums of your parts. We all have strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, and talents. Some people are fortunate enough to have outright gifts they choose to share with others. It’s not a lack of experience or ability that is holding you back. It is, however, a lack of confidence. Until you understand the gifts you bring to the table, you’re going to struggle with self-confidence.


Find Ways to Improve Your Value

Some people choose to focus on eliminating the negatives but that isn’t always the best choice. It takes far more time to eliminate negative tendencies or overcome knowledge deficiencies than it would to improve your skills and talents and hire someone to tackle the tasks where you are less skilled. For instance, if you have a real gift for empathizing with people but aren’t as gifted at keeping your finances in order, hire a bookkeeper to work part time handling those tasks while you develop your talents to grow your business.


Invest in Yourself

Take a class to help you develop the skills you need to grow as a person and as a business leader and innovator. If you lack self-confidence, taking classes in the areas where you feel deficient will help you grow your confidence. Knowledge, as they say, is power. Classes help you not only gain knowledge but also develop your talents and interests so you can accomplish impressive things with your business.


Get over Yourself

This isn’t meant to be negative or insulting. Sometimes, you are your biggest obstacle. This is often the result of the fear of failure rather than a lack of confidence. You have to risk failure in order to find amazing success.


Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

Finally, mute the voices inside your head that feed your doubts and fears. If you can’t turn them off, drown them out with positive affirmations, building yourself up, and reminding yourself of all you’ve accomplished until now – and that you’re not finished yet!

Conquering low self-confidence is all about changing the narrative in your mind. Once you’ve mastered that, you’ll open yourself up to greater success.


E.G. Sebastian, is a Business-Development Coach, Corporate Trainer, and founder of Corporate Speaker Academy where he helps coaches, consultants, and authors break into the world of delivering Workshops, Group Coaching programs, or Keynotes to corporate teams. Learn more about E.G. at and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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