5 Tips to Stay Informed in Your Industry Without Being Connected All the Time

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with keeping up with industry information because you are connected to the online world all the time? Is this interfering with you getting other things done that are related to your business? Is this need for information interfering with your personal life? The reality is that many people feel this way.

But this cycle does not have to continue. You can apply these helpful tips that will empower you to remain informed regarding your particular industry without the need to stay connected to the online world all the time. Yes, you can truly stay focused on what is most important instead of being too distracted by an overabundance of nonsense.

1. Designate blocks of time once a week to read industry news.

When you designate a particular portion of time to read your industry news, you’ll learn how to cut through what’s not important and zoom in on the most important issues. With your time blocking strategy and ability to prioritize your news, you will not be tempted to read everything that comes your way. You can pick and choose the headlines and topics that stand out the most.

2. Attend conferences to mingle and network.

Live conferences allow you the opportunity to mingle and network with thought leaders and other attendees. You will gain valuable information and will have access to fresh insights that you may otherwise not gain from the guest speakers. Not only do you have the power to network and grow your name recognition, but you also have the ability to make important connections with attendees who might become clients, customers, or joint venture partners. Also, there is more empowerment in interacting with people in your industry in a live setting instead of just being connected remotely via social media.

3. Prioritize and update your news feed.

It is truly imperative to update your news feed on your various social media accounts. This will allow you to easily access the most relevant topics instead of having to sift through so much stuff that would only waste your time. Then when you are ready to read articles or watch videos related to your industry, those items will be more readily available to you, so you won’t waste time looking for them online. Updating your newsfeed also entails unfollowing or unfriending those who don’t engage or who bring too much negativity to your newsfeed.

4. Leverage the power of your team.

Have some of your team members take turns finding relevant information pertaining to your industry. Host a weekly meeting in person if you have a physical location or host a Zoom video meeting where they can post the information or links to information and their thoughts and ideas regarding the information. A private Facebook Group would also serve this purpose. This way you will not miss out on industry news and you will not be required to stay connected to the online world all the time.

5. Subscribe to relevant trade journals.

It is not an antiquated practice to subscribe to trade journals, as trade journals really still do exist. They provide relevant information and delete the junk for you plus they have digital subscriptions you can read online. Designate a particular time to read the trade journals in order to stay informed about what is happening in your industry. If you travel by plane frequently as part of your business, make that a time when you can read your trade journals. Doing so will allow you to reserve other time for other important things related to your business or personal life.

Making the most of your time is important for your business so get creative when it comes to staying current on industry news. Fortunately, you can stay connected to your industry without giving up your precious free time by following these tips.

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