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We See a Unique Beauty in Global Community

“When two or more people coordinate in a spirit of harmony and work toward a definite objective or purpose, they place themselves in a position, through the alliance, to absorb the power directly from the great storehouse of Infinite Intelligence.”

— Napoleon Hill

Our Mission

Our mission is to harness the synergy of our global wellness community of thousands of heart-centered-focused professionals to collaborate and bring their passion and wisdom to the world. To be the voice of transformation and impact to the holistic community.

At the International Wellness Alliance, we have something for everyone, whether you’re a dedicated wellness professional seeking a supportive community or an individual on a personal quest for a vibrant life.

Wellness Professionals

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Non-Wellness Professionals

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We are Building a Global Wellness Movement

What is the International Wellness Alliance (IWA)?

We are an emerging global collaboration of heart-centered, wellness-focused professionals who are fusing our power in numbers and synergy to enrich our community, broaden our reach, and have a positive impact around the world.


Why are individuals and organizations joining this
Global Wellness Movement?
Watch the video to hear from some of our tribe…


Together, we aspire to create a world where the collective efforts of our community ripple outward, touching lives, healing hearts, and transforming societies. Our vision is a harmonious symphony of wellness professionals, working hand in hand, illuminating the path to holistic well-being for all, and ushering in a new era of profound healing and transformative change.


Synergy: We harness the collective power of our global wellness community, amplifying our impact through collaboration.

Compassion: Rooted in empathy, we approach our work with kindness, understanding, and a heartfelt commitment to making a positive difference.

Empowerment: We equip wellness professionals with the tools and knowledge to elevate their practice, fostering growth and transformative change.

Inclusivity: Embracing diversity, we create an inclusive environment where every perspective is valued, respecting the richness of our global community.

Integrity: Upholding the highest ethical standards, we ensure transparency, honesty, and authenticity, building trust within our community and with those we serve.

Our Goals

Negotiate benefits and discounts for our members

Open doors for networking & collaboration

Create promotional opportunities for community members, events, and services

Share opportunities for new revenue streams

Leadership Advisory Team

Elaine L. Sugar

IWA Founder &
Wellness World Unifier

Founder &  CEO of Kids, More SUGAR
Conscious Transformational Coach
Mental Wellness Advocate

Founder at
Kids More SUGAR

E.G. Sebastian

IWA Co-Creator &
Chief Marketing Advisor

Performance Coach, Certified DiSC Trainer 🎯, Emotional Resilience & Mental Fitness Sherpa 🤍

Founder at CorporateSpeakerAcademy

John Donnelly

IWA Co-Creator &
Development Advisor

Connecting holistic professionals across the world 🤍

Founder of 
Your Holistic Academy

Denise O'Malley

IWA Business Development Advisor

Visionary,  Speaker, Healthy Living Maestro & Founder of You Define Wellness- Creating paths to healthy living for consumers and employers.

Founder at
You Define Wellness

Tim Taylor

IWA Business Development Advisor

Natural Supplement Expert Consultant, Strategist, Compensation Designer, Sales Pro

CEO of
The Great Discovery

Tony Lucero

IWA Business Activation & Growth Specialist

Keynote Speaker – Author – Personal and Business Activation Coach – Host of the Positive Playground Podcast – Culture Consultant

Tony Lucero

Bodhi Chobotiuk

IWA Business Development Advisor

Founder of EntrepreneurFit (eFit) “Health, Wellness, Healing & Fitness for the Mind, Body, Business & Soul”

Founder at
Entrepreneur Fit

We Support the Vision of the International Wellness Alliance

Statements of Support

Every person born has a gift they could give to the world. Not many acknowledge that and decide to honor their contribution and provide it to the world to make a difference. Elaine is an exceptional individual who has decided to celebrate her gift and take up the mantle of helping the world evolve through her work. She is an inspiration for us all.

Roger Burnely

Life Empowerment Coach
CEO of The Burnley Method

“Being connected cross the globe means we have the unique opportunity to collectively make a difference. Start spreading the ripple effect of wellness and make the world a more loving place”

Tyson Sharpe

Mindset Coach- Business Coach
Founder of the Serving Circle

“Collaboration and community are the power behind any great union. We have partnered with the International Wellness Alliance to open new possibilities and collectively create a greater influence on the wellness of others resulting in global inspiration. While pooling our knowledge, and resources we can break down barriers and borders and impact the lives of others together!”

Jenny Ryce

Certified Executive Coach &
Mindset Strategist
President, Your Holistic Earth

“The world’s problems can only be solved if we human beings come together, put aside our individual self-interest and collaborate for our common good. To do this we need wisdom, and this comes from understanding ourselves and how our minds work.”

Dr. Manoj Krishna

Former spine surgeon
Founder - Human Wisdom Project

“The power to improve one person is the ONLY power you have absolute control over. Amping up that power is the purpose of joining an international wellness alliance. What would that improve in your life/business?”

Jackie Simmons

Creator of Conscious Transformational
Founder of Success Journey Academy

“I’m excited about the concept of an alliance. One of us is like a voice in the wilderness, but when there is an alliance or group of people, the wilderness disappears. I really want to get this going. Let’s make it happen.”

Tim Taylor

Natural Supplement Expert
CEO of Care Beyond

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Simon Hodgkins 

Simon Hodgkins

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Company Description: 

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Your role in the company? 


What are a couple of your proudest accomplishments?

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What is the company’s mission, especially as it relates to wellness?

We aim to deliver insights from some of the best Creatives, Leaders, and Thinkers. Our editorial team works with people from all walks of life that we feel would interest our global audience.

How does your organization contribute to the innovation and advancement of wellness practices?

The Global Discussion features people with practical advice to share on various important topics. 

How does someone connect with or learn more about your company?

www.theglobaldiscussion.com and www.linkedin.com/company/theglobaldiscussion

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